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Myriam Miranda Paez

I graduated as an architect from the Universidad Del Valle de México. My passion for interior design led me to train in the interior design diploma at the Karen Collignon Institute in the city of Guadalajara. Once integrated into design, I became an associate member of the Mexican Society of Interior Designers (SMI).

I collaborated in Sonora TV from 2016 to 2022, in programs with Telecasa and Quegusto TV. In this period, I also developed a keen interest in writing, thanks to which I contributed articles to different magazines in Sonora, Mexico, such as Tu Casa Nueva, MetropoliRosa, El Imparcial, among others.

I currently have an office in the city of Hermosillo, Sonora. I have carried out a wide variety of residential, commercial, and hospitality projects, both in the city and in neighbouring towns.


Thanks to my company's careful and detail-oriented approach in the realization of its projects, we've been able to take our work to Texas and Arizona in the USA, and expand our firm in the year 2022 with new headquarters in Vancouver, Canada.



Miranda Paez Interior Design was born in 2014, a company that has a presence in Mexico, the United States and Canada. Collaborating in both residential and commercial projects in these countries.

Our projects specialize in interior architecture, where life and functionality are given to each space, working with selection of finishes, furniture, lighting, and decoration, until reaching the construction of the final project.

Based on communication and collaboration with the client. We trust that a successful design is the result of a well thought-out approach. From our first meeting, to the planning and execution of the project, we supervise and manage the entire design process to create spaces that reflect their corresponding life.

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