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Where design and functionality meet.

If you live in an apartment or a small house, and you need to create an environment of design and functionality, we'd like to show you this house that we designed taking advantage of each space, achieving a comfortable, cozy and well decorated environment.

The tones of our house were chosen from the beginning. By doing so we had a starting point in terms of the setting. Doing this project was an incredible experience from the beginning because daring tones were chosen such as marsala colour (just as a touch) combined with beige and a decoration of flowers giving that touch of feeling nature inside our home. The combination of yellow & marsala colour, despite being strong tones, form a balance by arranging them in specific places.

In this interior design, a very contemporary architecture and a completely open distribution were carried out where the living room, dining room and kitchen share the same space.

The functionality of this space gives you the perspective that it is a pleasant space with movement because the colours transmit peace to you, as well as the type of furniture that we select adapted to the space, with dimensions totally in accordance with the m2.

We had the opportunity to make most of the furniture. By doing this we gave ourselves the opportunity of manufacturing them to specific measurements, with the textures and colours necessary for this design, and above all of making it unique. We opted for glass for the dining table because it gives us a feeling of spaciousness. At the same time, we formed a table base in a golden colour that manages to give it a visual focus.

As it is the same space between kitchen and dining room, we chose to coordinate the same range of shades, delimiting them with a small bar and some benches that I loved because they contrast with the soft colours that we chose previously. This space was the result of a design process inspired in transmitting originality, functionality and, above all, making people feel welcome from the moment they enter their home.

Myriam Miranda Páez

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