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Cozy atmosphere, easy on the wallet.

Before introducing the decorative proposal for this Christmas, I would like you to start by taking a look at what you've kept from last year that can be reused with this 2022 decoration, and thus avoid incurring in unnecessary expenses.

First, let's take into account the different areas of our house. Notice that predominant lighting, colours and elements are very important. With that in mind, in this article you will find different types of decoration for your home, so that you can choose the style that best suits you and renew your space with these details.

The first thing we should think about when decorating our home is the front door, since before entering, the first thing that shines is the entrance. The classic thing is the crowns, but you can opt for different, more original and imaginative decoration. Place some large red ribbons as if it were a gift, you can choose to hang several garlands, place gift boxes... the imagination has no limits, and less if you do it differently from others.

Vintage Christmas Decoration

Taking advantage of what we already got from the previous year, we will use certain elements with an elegant touch for our vintage decoration. We can decorate the tree with elements like candles, angels, stars... or elements of a retro style. In this style you have an opportunity to combine the elements that you like and the shades you prefer the most; taking into account strong colours combined with light ones.

Christmas decoration can be traditional or innovative. Do as you prefer, since at this time we can decorate our space with the colours we appreciate the most.

For your house to have a Christmas air you don't have to decorate the whole place either. In other words, decorate the areas you like with the simplicity or quantity of Christmas elements that you prefer. Here you have a variety of options, among which you can choose one, several or all.

You may:

• Decorate the entrance or hall of the house with a Christmas theme.

• Decorate the living room.

• Put some detail on the door of the rooms.

• Decorate the room with cushions and Christmas blankets.

• Decorate tables with Christmas objects.

Myriam Miranda Páez

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